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Kubota GL6000 / GL9000 Diesel Generators

Kubota Australia offers a wide range of diesel generators form 3kVA to 30kVA, which cover most power supply requirements. Featuring superior Kubota liquid-cooled engines that run quietly, smoothly, and economically, Kubota diesel generators suit to today’s environmentally friendly and fuel conscious applications.
The newest members of the successful Kubota generator range are the 6 kVA GL6000 and 9 kVA GL9000 lowboy silent generators. 
Replacing the proven GL6500S, these new lowboy genertors feature a number of design, performance and safety features.
The GL6000 and GL9000 achieve their compact design and superior performance by directly coupling the alternator to the engine. The addition of covers over the engine cooling fan and generator improve operating safety and an automatic shutdown is activated if water temperature is too high or oil pressure drops below a safe operating level. Fuel tank capacity has been increased from 19 to 28 litres for extended hours of operation. 
Noise levels have been significantly reduced through the combination of a large capacity radiator, over size muffler and a lower fan speed. 
Single covers on one side can be raised for access to engine oil, fuel, coolant and battery level check points while all controls and instrumentation are convieniently located in a central position for easy start up and monitoring. 
Base mounted removable forklift openings and a one point-lifting eye enhance transportability.
Contact the Sales Team at Diesel Machinery on 03 96991655 for more information.