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Kubota Diesel Generator Range

The Kubota Diesel Generator line up has gained worldwide recognition as a premium generator in the market place. Designed and manufactured in Japan the Kubota range of Diesel Generators has been providing reliable portable power to the Australian Market for the past 20 Years. 
The combination of the world leading Kubota Diesel Engine coupled to high quality 2 & 4 pole alternators has resulted in Generators that are one of the most sought after in the industry. 
Kubota’s diesel generator range includes both single and three phase power output configurations, with 10 single phase units ranging from 5.5kVa to 24kVA and 7 three phase units ranging from 10kVA to 30kVA. 
Kubota offer are range of generators depending on the customer’s needs, they start with the 2 pole 3000 rpm J Series available in both single and three phase configuration from 8kVA to 10kVA and GL Series in single phase 6kVA and 9 kVA. 
Kubota then step up into the 4 pole 1500 rpm KJ Series offering both single and three phase units from 12.5kVA to 30kVA and the SQ Series offering single phase and three phase output from 11kVA to 30kVA.
Kubota’s GL Series features one of the lowest profiles at under 700mm in height these units are not only compact but are ideal for powering a coffee van or refrigerated vehicle.
A feature of the larger 4 pole generators is the lower noise levels allowing the units to be used in a greater variety of applications without impacting on the surrounding environment. Kubota achieve the lower noise levels through the layout and design of the sound-attenuated enclosures and oversized mufflers which effectively reduces all sounds the unit emits. The quietest generator Kubota offer operates at the same level as a normal conversation at 61dBa.
Kubota Generators are designed to be used in both stand by and prime power applications. The generators can be hard wired directly into the building thanks to the standard fitment of output terminal posts or alternatively you are able to plug directly into the factory fitted receptacles.
With large capacity fuel tanks that allowing the units to operate from 7 to 17 hours at Full Load on a single tank the requirement for additional fuel tanks is eliminated. All units can be easily moved thanks to the inbuilt fork pockets or by the top mounted lifting points that are standard on all Kubota Generators.
The large easy to access control panel is conveniently positioned to allow for easy access to start and stop the generator with the larger units control panel located behind a lockable panel door which incorporates a large viewing window allowing for the checking of all functions without the need to open the door. The easy to read control panel displays the current status of the unit for both power generation and the current engine situation for peace of mind operation. In built safety mechanisms automatically shutdown the engine if low oil pressure, high water temperature or fan belt breakage occurs.
All Generators feature single sided servicing which allows access to the engine oil filter, air filter and fuel filter through the extra large opening doors making maintenance quick and easy. Extensions to the drain ports for the engine oil, fuel tank and coolant system are provided to make the regular scheduled maintenance on the engine a breeze. 
All Kubota Generators a powered by Kubota engines giving you the peace of mind and backing of the largest engine manufacturer of engines under 100 hp and backed by a 2 year 2000 hour warranty
For further information, contact Diesel Machinery on 03 9699 1655.