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Yanmar YDP20N Diesel Transfer Pump

Yanmar YDP20N Diesel Transfer Pump
Brand: Yanmar
Product Code: YDP20N
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The newly released YDP series from Yanmar. Fuel-efficient diesel pumps can be operated 1.5-4 times longer than gasoline pumps. This advantage truly shows in night time and other continuous pumping operation at sites where no commercial power is available. Cleaning the inside of the casing can be done simply by just removing a few bolts. With trash pumps, the casing cover and the inner casing come in one block, so separation and fitting is very easy. Coupled with a fuel efficient direct injected air cooled Yanmar diesel engine the YDP series can be operated up to 1.5-4 times longer than a gasoline equivalent, making it the ideal solution for continuous pumping through the night.