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Kubota OC95 Diesel Engine

Kubota OC95 Diesel Engine
Kubota OC95 Diesel Engine
Brand: Kubota
Product Code: OC95
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Kubota OC95 Diesel Engine (9.5 H.P)


Based on its superior overall technological capability, Kubota introduces the new OC series with ACTV system. The ACTV system, an original from Kubota development, is an ' Advanced Cooling Three Vortex' system which cools the combustion chamber with oil and the cylinder with air.

  • Low Noise: One of the main characteristics of TVCS is noise reduction. Thus, the combination of ACTV (Advanced Cooling Three Vortex", and TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) enables the OC series engine to maintain low noise levels. Furthermore the flow of lub, oil around the combustion chamber absorbs noise and reduces it to the level of water-cooled engines.
  • Less Vibration: Kubota's technology ensures less vibration with the standardly equipped single shaft balancer
  • Low Exhaust Emissions: Kubota produces engines which exceeds the requirements of EPA Tier 1 and EU Tier 2 Exhaust Emission Regulations
  • Smooth Starting:A 12 volt electric start system is fitted as standard to provide easy starting.